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Here is an international event of bull sales conducted every year in October by Isa Beefmasters!

In the year 2018 you shall save the date October 6 if you are interested in buying best quality Beefmaster breed bull. Yes! It is Isa Beefmasters in San Angelo, Texas known for hosting the largest bull sales offering best quality Beefmaster breed to meet the requirement and expectations of the buyers completely. Every year the bull sale is organized on the first Saturday of October month so that buyers can come across the best bulls produced by Isa Beefmasters. This tradition of hosting the bull sale is being promoted by Isa Beefmasters since 1964 and this year it will be the 57th bull sale featuring 140L Bar Beefmaster bulls. Buyers are absolutely free to buy any bull of their choice as per their requirement, as the sale has something for everyone. For more details about the bull sale you can have a glance through the website

Tracing the history of Beefmaster breed it was Beefmaster cattle that were the first composite American breed, a combination of 3 or even more breeds. Tom Lasater in South Texas has developed it 1931 and slowly by 1954 beefmaster breed became recognizable by USDA and today Beefmaster breeders United happens to be the 5th largest breed registry in US. Usually beefmasters are composite breeds known for 6 major essential features that are disposition, fertility, weight, conformation, hardiness and milk production.

Also, it is the genetics that has helped beefmasters to flourish across the globe, as Isa Beefmaster Embryos offers you frozen embryos from wide range of high performance packed Beefmaster pairings. Also, it is the sole and only source offering frozen semen from L Bar Beefmaster herd. The superior quality genetics is shipped across the world to serve wide range of clients.

If you have any query about beefmasters you are free to ask the experts, as this facility is available online. You can also sign up ISA informer newsletter to stay updated about news associated with beefmasters. In case of any question you can contact the Isa Beefmasters directly, as contact and email details are shared online for the same as well.

Isa Beefmasters

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Office: (325) 942 8581
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News Release: Here is an international event of bull sales conducted every year in October by Isa Beefmasters!
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