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Heart-melting Story of My Sister’s Treatment

Human body is like a machine we know, and thus sometimes the machinery finds some problems. Here for our body, these problems are nothing but any kind of illness or disease. Minor illness is common but sometimes, some illness turns your life totally. And one such thing happened to my sister. She was just 23 and was an energetic child to me. And one day doctor diagnosed cancer in her. This wasn't an easy time.
She used to complain about stomach aches and this became very frequent. We let her diagnosed to nearby physician. They concluded some timorous growth in the stomach. But also added to have a confirmation. We followed up and went to a specialized doctor for the diagnosis and there we came to know about the dreadful disease which happened to my sister, the second stage of gastrointestinal cancer. We were in deep shock and felt too hopeless about it. Still I wanted to fight for it. I decided to provide the best treatment possible to my sister from the best hospital in Delhi. Delhi being the capital had many great healthcare centers. And the famous one we all knew, but I was looking for the best cancer hospital in Delhi over just best hospital in Delhi. We talked and consulted every person which could help us about where to have best treatment of cancer.
Sri Balaji action medical institute is known for its world class healthcare facilities. And this was the name which came up multiple times for the treatment of cancer and thus being in best cancer hospital in Delhi. We admitted my sister to the same. There all the medical treatment were then pursued. Under a continues care and medication my sister was slowly recovering. There the best team of doctors and oncologists worked sincerely to treat the patient. The health center was well equipped with latest technologies and machinery which was a landmark of good medical institute. A proper management was there to work on the huge no. Of patients there. For cancer, the institute had many notable steps. They had a specialized cancer care centre with all cancer related specialties under one roof which make it best cancer hospital in Delhi. My sister too was been treated under this cancer care center. The doctors were cooperative all the time and were suggesting what's needed all the time. The doctors performed surgical oncology and in it they removed the cancerous tumor surgically. It was a successful surgery and this gave us hope. Through proper medication, Care and treatment my sister came out of the curse. And all thanks are for the Sri Balaji action medical institute. The continues efforts and proper treatment by experienced doctors saved my sister's life and took her out of the deadly trap of such a dise ...

News Release: Heart-melting Story of My Sister’s Treatment
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