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Healthy kick for growing Kefir culture

Kefir, a fermented drink with a probiotic hit, has long been stocked by healthfood shops. Now it’s on the supermarket shelves — and the dream of ice cream that’s good for you has come true

Let’s face it, trying to have a healthier diet can be downright boring. But what if you could include more ice cream on the menu? Well these days you can, if it is Kefi ice cream, made by a Wicklow-based company which manufactures the tasty dessert using kefir.

The nutrition-obsessed among you will already know what kefir is; for anyone else, it is a fermented, slightly fizzy milk drink that tastes like sour, funky yoghurt. Previously the stuff of healthfood shops, kefir is now being stocked by supermarkets.

Kefir is a favourite of the people of the Caucasus Mountains, who are known for enjoying long life and good health. It is seen as part of the secret of that longevity.

King Of Kefir have a simple ambition to produce a healthier, light and refreshing alternatives to high sugar or artificially sweetened soft drinks. Our hand crafted water kefir drinks are produced in small batches in the Chocolate Factory, in the heart of Dublin.

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News Release: Healthy kick for growing Kefir culture
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