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Global Construction Chemicals Market Research and Analysis 2015-2022

Construction Chemicals market which are also known as specialty chemicals are mixed with cement, concrete or other construction material at the time of construction to withstand adverse climatic conditions, such as dry heat, storm, wind, dust and wet climatic conditions. They are widely adopted during construction of any structures to increase their life and impart additional protection from environmental hazards. Construction chemicals are mixed with the construction materials in an appropriate ratio, so as to fulfill its functional, aesthetic, and design requirement of civil structures. They are considered to be key components in construction sector and play significant role in global infrastructure development across the globe.

The global construction chemicals market is growing modestly with a CAGR of 8.6% during the forecasted period 2017-2022. The major factor that drives the chemicals market includes growing urbanization, rising construction sector, infrastructural development in emerging economies and so on. Furthermore, the demand for improved infrastructure and commercial complexes, favorable government policies and so on are creating demand for construction chemicals . The construction chemical such as concrete admixtures, asphalt additives, adhesive and sealants, and flame retardants, significantly enhance the physical and chemical properties of the construction. They also enhance the construction to withstand and resist adverse or varying climatic conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, dry heat, wind, storm and wet climatic conditions. Towards the development of construction industry, the construction chemicals market is also growing proportionally. As the standard of living and development of new cities is continuously moving forward, improved infrastructural development is one of the key element which gives boost to the global construction chemicals market.

Construction chemicals market is analyzed on the basis of the geographical regions that are contributing significantly towards the growth of the market. On the basis of the geography, market is significant into Asia Pacific region followed by North America, Europe and ROW. Asia pacific region is estimated to be the leading region in the global construction chemicals market with leading market share and is growing with increasing CAGR. China and India witnesses the highest demand for construction chemicals. Increasing population and growing economy in this region, and changing lifestyle is one of the major factors driving the market in this region. The other significant markets for construction chemicals in developing countries are Middle East and Brazil. The developed countries such as U.S., Japan and Germany also seem to have great demand for construction chemicals.

Competitive insights:
Key players of the construction chemicals market include BASF SE, The Dow Chemicals, Sinopec, Sika-AG, Du-Pont, Sabic, WR Grace, Mapei SPA, Ashland Inc., Arkema, RPM International Inc., Antas Chemical Company Ltd., Royal Dutch Chemicals, LG- Chem, Braschem, Thermax, Akzo Noble, Fosroc, Huntsman, and Pidelite. In order to stay competitive in the market, these players adopt different strategies such as merger, acquisitions, product launch, partnership, geographical expansion and so on.

Global construction chemicals market by types
Concrete admixtures
Asphalt additives
Adhesive and sealants
Flame retardant
Global construction chemicals market by region
North america
Asia pacific
Rest of the world

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