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Global battery market by transportation mode will surpass US$ 65 Billion by 2024

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Global battery market by transportation mode will surpass US$ 65 Billion by the end of year 2024. The demand of battery in automotive industry is growing at rapid pace due to government support clean energy and environmental friendly modes of transport. Many automotive battery manufacturers across the globe have been getting fair subsidies to enforce production capacity. Lithium-ion battery is one of the new discoveries which support large vehicle and gives sufficient power to run vehicle smoothly. Moreover the USP of the lithium-ion battery is fast charging that attracts e-vehicle manufacturers to adopt rapidly. The demand of lithium-ion battery will increase in coming future due to gradually decline in the prices of the battery. Lead acid battery market in automotive sector is matured although it is used in e-bikes and others automotive because of their low price compare to NiCD, NiMH and lithium-ion battery.
Renub Research latest report Global Battery Market by Transport (Automotive, Marine, E-Bikes, Forklift), Regions (North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East) Battery Types (Lithium-ion, Lead Acid, NIMH, SLI), Companies (Continental AG, BYD Corporation Ltd, Exide Technology, Samsung SDI, SANYO-PANASONIC, LG Chem. Power Amperex Technology Limited) provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of the Global Battery Market.

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By Mode of Transport – Automotive Battery Market has the highest Market share
This report categorized into four transportation mode: Automotive, Marine, E-Bike and Forklift. Automotive battery market is one of the biggest markets compared to rest of the categories. Marine battery market is a new discovery and involved various risk. So lot of research and development is required to ensure safety in marine industry. Adoption of battery in Automotive and E-bike is massive across the world due to government support for clean energy in transportation sector.

By Regions
This report also gives core insight and scalability of battery market on the parameter of significant regions such as North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East. It is expected that, there is huge possibility of battery market in Asia Pacific regions.

By Battery Type
In this report, there is comprehensive analysis of different kinds of battery and uses in transportation vehicle. In automotive sector the battery market is segmented into lithium-ion battery, nickel metal hydride battery and others where as in E-bike and Forklift battery market is categorized into lithium-ion and lead acid battery market.

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Companies Analysis
The key players in this industry include Continental AG, BYD Corporation, Exide Technology, Samsung SDI, Sanyo Panasonic, LG Chemical, Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). The company focuses on the development of new products, partnerships and acquisitions to maintain their positions in the market.

All the 7 companies studied in the report have been studied from 3 points
• Overview
• Business Strategy
• Sales Value

This 141 page report with 76 Figures & Tables studies the Global Battery Market in Transport

By Mode of Transport – Global Battery Market
• Automotive
• Marine
• E-Bike
• Forklift

By Regions – Global Battery Market
• North America
• Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Latin America
• Middle East

Types of Battery Market
• Lithium-ion Battery Market
• Nickel–Metal Hydride Battery (NIMH) Market
• Others Automotive Battery Market
• Lead Acid Battery Market
• SLI (Start, Light & Ignition) Battery Market

Companies - Business Strategy, Sales Covered in the report
1. Continental AG
2. BYD Corporation
3. Exide Technology
4. Samsung SDI
5. Sanyo Panasonic
6. LG Chemical
7. Amperex Technology Limited (ATL)

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News Release: Global battery market by transportation mode will surpass US$ 65 Billion by 2024
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