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GhostVolt Announces New Encryption Platform

GhostVolt Announces New Encryption Platform

GhostVolt Encryption for Teams offers simple, secure, and scalable solutions.

Cambridge, MA (February 11, 2019) GhostVolt today announced the release of a smart, simple encryption solution for collaborative workflow with multi –layered, customizable permissions for protecting intellectual property and preserving privacy.

Every organization faces a critical problem today regarding how to handle data. It is very difficult to easily secure and protect private data from those intending to steal digital information, while still preserving the ability of employees to access the data to do their jobs. GhostVolt, with headquarters in Cambridge, MA, and Newcastle, UK, is a new startup that offers a solution to that exact problem with the launch of its innovative software, GhostVolt Encryption for Teams. Lead Developer, Steve Beckett, explains: “GhostVolt leverages the security of enterprise level AES encryption in a simple platform that is easily scalable to fit any type of business. AES encryption will keep data secured at rest, and, when in transit along with a complete user management system allowing full control of user permissions”.

GhostVolt’s permissions manager can be fully customized for the unique needs of the team or business structure. Users with higher administrative access can review or control the movement and status of any digital asset, as well gather full insights into users, with detailed reports always available. GhostVolt is the perfect solution for small-to-medium businesses, or security-minded individuals.

GhostVolt offers an easy-to-use user interface which enables collaboration and teamwork. Head of Design & UX, James Eden adds: “We have worked hard to build a simple and usable environment that is familiar to users, so GhostVolt will fit in with any type of collaborative workflow.” GhostVolt allows users to create teams and assign roles to team members. Team leaders can set up shared folders, and decide who can add, edit, or view any data by assigning permissions.

GhostVolt Encryption for Teams is available in single user, home, and business editions. Single and home users will enjoy the full benefits of 256-bit AES encryption, sharing encrypted files and full control over their own encryption repository, while the business edition provides GhostVolt’s multi-level permissions manager which can be fully customized for the needs of any team or business structure.

Specific industry security standards, such as HIPAA and other compliance measures, have informed the development of GhostVolt products to assist any organization with meeting the latest compliance expectations.

For more information about GhostVolt’s solution, or to get information about protecting data for an organization, contact John Rose at 617-475-1657, or visit GhostVolt on the web.

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