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freelance Australia motion designer

Freelance Australia motion designer

Melbourne freelance after effects

Melbourne Freelance after Effects - Jason James is a multidisciplinary Motion Designer. Originally from Canada, he now lives and works in Melbourne Australia.

Jason James is a multi disciplinary Motion Designer with a history in character animation and video games.Originally from Canada, he now lives and works in Melbourne Australia.

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Starting up on your own as a freelance Motion Graphics Designer or setting up a small studio from home or an office can be a unnerving, frightening, fun, exciting, daunting, but very satisfying step forward in your career. You'll need to be able to deal with everything by yourself, there will be no backup staff, and you will need to find the right balance between the producer and administrator role and the creative side. You may well find that your feelings change from the initial pleasure of working from home, to the difficulty that clients bring when you have to deal with them by yourself.
However, there are a few more important aspects you should consider before starting your freelance business which you will find below.

Freelance Australia motion designer When You Start

Many people think that they need to borrow a large sum of money from the bank or another sponsor to start-up their fledgling business, but this is not necessary. Any viable business should start with as little debt as possible and grow when the time is right. Don't go out and buy everything you think you need straight away, buy hardware, software and office supplies as and when you need them, and budget for them in a job to make the costs easier on yourself. Start with the basics, a PC or MAC, a good quality monitor, a comfortable desk and chair, and the software you need to create your work. You probably already have these if you are considering going freelance, so maybe just get a couple of other essentials like a decent photo printer/scanner and perhaps a DSLR camera or video camera. Consider starting a new business or current account at your bank to keep your business finances separate to your own money, and to make the paperwork easier when it comes to the accounting.

Getting your freelance business set up can be a fairly painless process if you know what you're doing - so read on and see what else you should consider.
Don't Worry if your Showreel isn't exhaustive - keep it lean and mean
Starting your Freelance Australia motion designer business doesn't mean you need a vast array of different projects on your reel immediately. Edit together your best pieces of work and keep it short, no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds is an ideal length. See what is missing, what isn't up to scratch and what you have too much of in your showreel and be critical with it, edit it right down. Consider spending a couple of weeks working on unpaid self commissioned projects to fill the gaps and give yourself the best chances of winning work by showing the full range of skills and styles you can offer your future clients. Get your showreel online, then check the job boards, different sites and newsletters out there with job news that you can contact potential clients through once you get your showreel where you are happy and proud to show it off. Confidence in your abilities and passion in your approach breeds work.

Charge the Right Amount for your Skills

A common error that Melbourne freelance after effects make, happens when they first start out, or when cash is hard to come by. Reducing your rates is the worst thing you can do, as well as allowing yourself to be talked down from your original quotations - although there must be some flexibility in this. Know your value and stick to it, the moment you drop your rates you are undervaluing yourself and your work and it will be hard to raise your rates back to where they were. Clients you'll want to avoid at all costs are those looking for something for nothing, and will almost never be of any good use to your business future. Some have been known to get freelancers to work for nothing, to win a project, and then as soon as the money for the job appears, they go somewhere else with your ideas.

Feast or Famine Syndrome

As we are all unfortunately aware, the economy can fluctuate, budgets can rise and fall and work opportunities can grow and shrink as fast as you can say Freelance Motion Graphics Designer. Planning properly for the times when you will suddenly be short of work will help keep your business and your sanity intact during those harder times. But, by understanding that this will happen, you're able to plan better and keep better control of your money and spending.
Encourage yourself to keep some money by for the leaner weeks, don't buy kit until you need it, and remember you have bills to pay. If you are currently employed and thinking of going Freelance, consider saving all the money you would spend as an employee, travel costs, lunches out etc. all add up over the months and squirrel that money away every week as a little reserve Melbourne freelance after effects .

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