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Finger Food Menu Restaurant in Cork City - Soho

Following are some fun and easy ideas to make your Finger Food Menu a little bit different and more special.
? Sandwich Fillings
? Tomato or Cucumber Sandwiches
? Peanut Sandwiches
? Chopped Meat Sandwiches:
? Pineapple Cake
? Filling
? Little Spice Cakes
? Homemade Gingersnaps
? Sponge-Cake Sandwiches
? Cheese Straws
? Pineapple-Lemonade
? Grape-Punch
? Fruit-Lemonade

Drinking wine is a pleasurable experience. It leaves us relaxed, at ease, cheerful, and packed full of antioxidants. But, it doesn't come without its risks. While there is the risk of overindulgence, a hangover, or a Merlot stain on the brand new white carpet, there is also another risk that many of us don't think about. This is the risk of cork taint. With the ability to stand between our wine and our enjoyment, cork taint can really contaminate the drinking experience.
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Where food is king, Book a table in our sophisticated and stylish second level restaurant and bar.
Here the atmosphere is more chilled. Enjoy a cocktail before dinner and dine on fresh food straight from the famous English market just across the road.
SoHo offers free parking for all our restaurant guests, Park your car in the Qpark, Grand Parade from 5 pm - 2 am and we will validate it for FREE.
Our Early set menu (available Sun - Thurs & until 7 pm Friday.)

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Mashed Potato, French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Bread With Cheese, Side Salad €3.00
Single Spanish Fries Portion €5.00
Substitute Spanish Fries For French Fries On Any Dish €2.00
Free parking at Q Park from 5 pm to 2 am for all our restaurant diners. The Full Menu can be .... plenty to eat and drink! Massive thanks to our staff for their hard work over the last few days - It's been amazing to see everyone in the city help each other ...

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