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Female Creative Team Brings “The World Next Door” Graphic Novel to Life

(July 09, 2017) - Apocalyptic novels have become very popular today, and authors are increasingly penning new novels on doomsday themes. The newest one to enter the block is “The World Next Door”, a graphic novel of about 120 pages in black and white that is targeted for young adults who are above 17 and who love the sci-fi genre. Maegan Cook is bringing out the graphic novel, and has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for printing the novel and covering all promotional expenses for the same. The campaign is set to remain Live until August 3, 2017, and is seeking contributors.

Maegan and her artist, Jessica Howard have worked very hard on the graphic novel and intend to make it a success with the support of online users. The novel shows two characters - Tanya Grey and Leonard Stevens - facing the world coming to an end on Doomsday and highlights social and mental health issues within this scenario.

The Graphic novel has been written by Maegan Cook, who has released the science fiction story in the form of an eBook. Jessica Howard, also known as HVoice on social media, is the artist of this book. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the comic adaptation will be compiled and printed as a graphic novel. A unique epilogue will be added to the project by writer Maegan Cook.

An author and artist, Maegan Cook had published her first graphic novel on the manga genre in 2014. Jessica is presently working on one more web comic, ‘Love Metal’, which is available on

About SCI Designs:
SCI Designs is an indie publishing title for Maegan Cook’s freelance work. This will be the second book published under the label.

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News Release: Female Creative Team Brings “The World Next Door” Graphic Novel to Life
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