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Experience Spirituality Through Bharat Thakur Art

Bharat Thakur is a renowned painter from India, his art is a visual manifestation of his inner spiritual thoughts that are beautifully portrayed on the canvas. To understand the refreshing rawness of his art one should also know about his versatile upbringing that laid the foundation for his involvement and understanding of the natural elements.

At the tender age of four years Bharat Thakur was chosen by the family spiritual preceptor Sukhdev Brahmachari marking a different life for him. He was taken to the remoteness of the Himalayan Mountains where he has spent almost thirteen years understanding life beyond the normal and immersed in the mysticism of the Aghora spiritual tradition. Later with an ambition to spread the mystic knowledge to the deserving, he has returned back to the normal life and chose painting as one of the mediums to spread his knowledge and the power of spirituality by evoking joy and mystic feelings in the viewers who are interested in this path of life.

Being a natural artist he uses hands and fingers to do the magic with colors, textures and themes to bring out his creative potential and innate talent to share his thoughts through art work. His art work is also quite versatile as he never uses any objects or forms but just the abstract elements of lines, colors, shape, forms, texture and space to transform a thought into a painting. Though it becomes difficult to understand his paintings with a first glimpse but if you observe it evokes the true sense of the subject for one to travel along with the painters thoughts and experience his inner world that is created on the canvas with a master stroke of spiritual awareness. His art work maintains a balance between self-realization and universal consciousness inspiring artistic sensibilities to create a painting in an abstract style. By going through the Bharat Thakur art gallery paintings online you shall be spell bound by the lively paintings that are bold, free and vibrant portraying a powerful and emotional message that touch your heart deep down. The Bharat Thakur art categorised into different series like Jagged Edge, Illuminations, Sacred Geometry, Seasons of Enchantment, Rebirthing, Invisible worlds etc. are really unique which cannot be compared to the works of any contemporary artists.

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News Release: Experience Spirituality Through Bharat Thakur Art
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