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Efficient Immigration Attorney in DC

When you are planning to apply for immigration, you need to hire a competent immigration attorney in DC. The visa varies according to the purpose of your visit to the country. The attorney you choose must have a good knowledge in the immigration field and must be expertise in handling your documents and presentation. It is better to choose a person who has reasonable years of experience. The attorney must also be able to prepare you for the interview apart from filing the case. They must implement the relevant appropriate strategy for your case to bring out success. The attorney should provide services in the global scale and must be ready to serve you whatever may be your immigration needs. Since there are many branches in the immigration law, you must look for the one who is specialized in your field.

Work Visas
Work visas are provided only for a certain period of time and it is said to be temporary in the law. When being issued with work visas, the individual is said to legally work in the US. To stay in the country without any specific time period, you need to get an immigrant visa. It is simple to get the green card if you are issued with an immigrant visa. Few of the work visas includes H- 1B visa, H- 2A visas, H- 2B visas, H- 3 visas, H- 4 visas, L- 1 visas, L- 1 new office visas and L- 2 visas. You need to issue all the supporting documents and if you are married you need to provide your spouse’s birth certificate and your marriage certificate.

US Green Card
A green card will be issued to a person based on his job or family. There are many ways in getting green cards namely,
• Labor certification
• Through extraordinary ability
• Through marriage to a US citizen
• Through a religious organization
• Various employment sponsorship
• Investor Visa

IT Firm Services
The growing IT industry requires Specialty workers and also they have strict requirements for that. To minimize the risk of denials, non- immigrant work visas should be filed. The attorney you hire should handle hiring, maintaining and firing of employees in an efficient way. To know more details about immigration attorney, visit ...

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