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Effective Types Of Direct Marketing To Consider

Direct marketing, if conducted properly can be very effective for your overall marketing strategy. A good direct marketing strategy helps to create mutually beneficial relationships with customers and get a real sense of how appealing your products are. Combining two or more direct marketing strategies or including direct marketing to a larger advertising scheme is the best way to reap the best results. There are a number of marketing options worth considering.


Telemarketing, also known as call center marketing is one of the oldest forms of advertising out there. It is a tried and tested method that can be effective if it is well thought out and properly executed. It involves calling potential customers and talking to them about services or products. It is essential to use well-researched and accurate data because telemarketing generally gets a bad reputation. This helps to make the most impact with available resources.

Email marketing

Email marketing is relatively new compared to most forms of advertising, and involves sending out emails to existing and potential clients. Email marketing is easily measurable, cost-effective and simple, which is why it is popular with small businesses. This type of advertising involves sending promotional emails and e-newsletters with the aim of offering existing customers special deals or to generate new leads.

Direct selling

Direct selling is a cost effective way of marketing and growing a new business. This involves dispatching sales people to sell services or products directly to potential clients. This can be either at potential customer’s homes or places of work. Traditional methods include network marketing, party plans and door-to-door sales.

Leaflet marketing

This can be in the form of handing out well-designed flyers or leaflets. Another variation of leaflet marketing is package insert advertising, which involves adding advertising materials to products. The biggest advantage of this type of advertising is that it is highly targeted. It is about educating existing clients who are already doing business with you about your other range of products or services. Inserts may include coupons, advertisements and even product samples.

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