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Dr. Kinnar Kapadia at “Times Health Icons” Awards 2018

Hair loss is a complex disease and the treatment of the disease is possible only under the supervision of a well-qualified and trained hair specialist in Ahmedabad Moreover, the importance of an authentic clinic is just unquestionable in the field of hair restoration. The Avenues clinic, led by Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, is the best hair restoration clinic of Ahmedabad. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia has been treating the hair loss patients for many years and awards and achievements are usual for this famous hair transplant clinic.

As the next milestone of the clinic, it has got the first rank in the Times Health Icons hospital ranking survey organized in Surat and Ahmedabad. There are several categories included in the survey and Dr. Kapadia got the first award for the hair transplant category. The survey included four phases secondary research, nominations/ factual data collections, perceptual survey and final data a analysis and results.

The award and recognition have proved the superiority of the clinic in the field of hair restoration.

In fact, the patients are in safe hands when they undergo hair transplant surgery in a clinic like Avenues that is led by Dr. Kapadia.

The patients enjoy the following benefits in the Avenues clinic:

Proper Diagnosis:

Finding the underlying reasons for hair loss is an essential step of the treatment process and if the surgeon detects the problem successfully, it is sure that the treatment is going in the right direction.

Appropriate Treatment:

After finding the problem, the treatment is not a big deal. The surgeon tries to choose the best hair transplant technique for the patients and perform the sugary with utmost care. The means that the rate of success is always high.
Safe End of the Treatment:

in an authentic clinic like the Avenues, the patients may hope for a happy end of the surgery. The surgeon utilizes the donor area effectively and the patients are happy with the results most of the times.


The surgeon and patients communicate with each other during the initial stages of the treatment. The surgeon tells the patients about the possible options and if the patient agrees to go ahead, the surgeon performs the surgery. if the results are positive, both the surgeon and patient are satisfied.

A clinic cannot reach the high level of success without an effective leadership. The clinic is led by Dr. Kinnar Kapadia the recent success and achievement of the clinic is because of the hard work of Dr. Kapadia.

Let us have a Brief Introduction!

Dr. Kapadia is a board certified hair specialist in Ahmedabad he has done his MBBS and MS and he is a gold medalist. Dr. Kapadia is an expert hair transplant surgeon with a specialized degree in hair restoration and has done several hair transplant surgeries successfully. He had unique skills and talent to treat the patients and only because of his capabilities, he has secured the first rank in the recent Times Health Icon Survey. This is not the end and the clinic is ready to add more feathers to its ...

News Release: Dr. Kinnar Kapadia at “Times Health Icons” Awards 2018
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