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Dr Backhaus establishes – ‘the safest way for natural sleep is melatonin sleep aid’

13 September 2017: Dr Backhaus established that the safest way to initiate natural sleep is by melatonin sleep aid. However, with age, medical conditions and stress, natural melatonin production can reduce in the body. In a 2017 study, the levels of stress among people have increased more by 15%. This means, 70% of the people between the ages 20 and 65 are suffering from stress.

Experts have come up with the solution of increased melatonin, the natural hormone responsible for sleep in body, to aid this issie. Acording to Dr Backhaus –

“With time, disease, stress and other conditions, there can be several more reasons that lead to decrease in the release of melatonin which causes sleeplessness. As the number of reasons causing lack of sleep is increasing, it is becoming more important to find a remedy for this condition. Now, with herbal melatonin sleep aid expert, people can sleep easily.”

Medical experts from Dr Backhaus team are advising people to use this for dealing with insomnia effectively. It has already been proven that sleeplessness can lead to several uncanny health issues such as diabetes, weight gain, and even depression.

According to these medical experts, these pills are completely safe for people of any age. They can consume these to get sleep naturally and enjoy good health ultimately. As per a recent survey, more than 40% of the people who used to take chemical pills to sleep have now shifted to this safer method of melatonin sleep aid.

Moreover, these pills are not addictive, and one does not need to continue this for life long. This point has proven to be a highlight feature among the users. They can now eradicate the dependency caused from synthetic pills and prescribed drugs previously.

They state that the best part about herbal melatonin pills is the combination of herbs present in the pills. It is paired with natural leaves, flowers, and roots of different plants to release stress and relax the nerves while preparing the body to fall back into a natural sleep cycle.

“I am using these pills for the last 4 months, and honestly, I feel much better. All day long I have ample energy, and at night I am sleeping peacefully. Thanks to melatonin pills,” said a dedicated user of Dr. Backhaus.

These pills slowly increase the level of melatonin in body. These help the brain to detect darkness and encourage a person to sleep for straight 6 to 8 hours without any internal disruption.

This melatonin sleep aid by Dr Backhaus is now high in demand in the market among people suffering from insomnia.

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News Release: Dr Backhaus establishes – ‘the safest way for natural sleep is melatonin sleep aid’
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