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Discover Helsinki city with Finland local guide on your Segway tour

Helsinki is an eclectic seaside city with islands, sightseeing, culture, nightlife and much more attractions you may expect from the capital city of Finland. This is a vast place to spend a few days of stylish living as well as traveling and Helsinki Segway Tour can be a great way to make it even more enjoyable experience. You may have no experience or a little experience of riding of Segway before, but with the support of Finland Local Guide, all guest will be duly taken care of to explore Helsinki.

If you have a desire to make the most excellent arrangement for your visit to Helsinki Segway tour, trust on none other than Finland Local Guide. Do not worry there experienced guide will take care of introducing Segway to all guests carefully with essential safety gear and a brief introduction to an unforgettable Segway experience. With their customized Helsinki Segway Tour package, they will help you discover more family-friendly attractions of Helsinki such as the Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral, the market squares and halls, beautiful parks, monuments and some of the hidden gems of the city.

“Our most popular Helsinki Segway Tour is perfect to explore the city for those travelers that look for experiencing Helsinki with an effortless glide. For the new travelers to Helsinki, our Helsinki Segway tour will offer an unbelievable opportunity to see almost all of the traveling sites you’ve read about. For the veterans and locals, we’re positive to let you know and learn new facts and stories about Helsinki that you’ve never heard!” Say a spokesperson for Finland Local Guide.

He reiterated “Segway Personal Transporter is a fun, high-tech and easy to use vehicle takes you to every place that a car or bicycle can't! Helsinki is a perfect city with the well-designed and well-planned bike and pedestrian paths all over. This makes Segway experience much easier, secure and unforgettable. Pick one Segway and after just 5 minutes of instruction, you're ready to roll and perfect to start exploring Helsinki! We add value to your travel and provide an enjoyable experience you will remember forever!”

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Having been rewarded by customers' trust and the finest quality tours and travel experiences, and highly experienced team, Finland Local Guide has a passion to offer high customer satisfaction and new experience to all travelers to Finland. They also offer the most excellent guide to make your Helsinki Segway tour more enjoyable, fruitful. Their dedicated support will make your Segway experience in Helsinki as one of the highlights of your holiday to the beautiful Finnish capital Helsinki.

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News Release: Discover Helsinki city with Finland local guide on your Segway tour
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