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If you are searching for top movies in the genre of action there are many films based on martial arts produced today. These martial arts movies have a special place in the hearts of people who watch these movies for the exhilarating martial arts fights. is the authentic resource online offering reviews and all the detailed information of action movies.
You will find the best featured action movies at Best Martial Arts Movies Hollywood has produced some of the best movies in this genre, producing such as Jeeja Yanin Movies showcasing some extraordinary action sequences based on martial arts. At you can read Biography of Jeeja Janin, female actress in Thailand and expert in martial arts holding a 3rd Dan black belt in Taekwondo. She showcased her exceptional skills in films such as Raging Phoenix, The Kick and Jak Ka Ran and is presently regarded as one of the most popular female martial artists of the century.
Besides expertise in Taekwondo, Jeeja movies also showcase her talent with Muay Thai, which uses knees, elbows and kicks for offense and defense. Some of her all time favorite movies enjoyed by martial arts fans include Mortal Kombat, The Godfather and Always: Sunset On The Third Street.
Jackie Chan Movies are best martial arts films that are categorized as those that are purely based on the martial arts and use martial arts in the fight sequences rather than as a plot.

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