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New Delhi, 23rd February 2018: Liposuction is a procedure which has become one of the major ways to deal with fat accumulation. Vital Clinic, the leading cosmetic surgery specialty clinic, has given a detailed overview of the liposuction procedure, while stressing on the fact, that the procedure is safe. Lipoplasty, as it is known in the medical circles, is either used by itself or along with another surgical procedure to remove fat deposits from different areas of the body.

The modern day liposuction technique was first introduced and used in France in the year 1978. Since then the procedure has migrated to the rest of the world, and has been improved and honed with advancements in the medical field. Today, plastic surgeons use the vacuum suction technology to suck the resistant fat out of the body.

According to a Vital Clinic spokesperson, “A patient is given local or general anesthesia which will be dependent on the type of liposuction to be done. The procedure involves putting in small incisions on the area from which fat is to be removed. Sterile solutions, to which painkillers are added, are used to flush the incisions. The actual procedure involves using stainless steel thin tube called a cannula. This device is used to first loosen the fat. The loosened fat is suctioned out with the help of a syringe, which is attached to a vacuum device.”

People of all ages can undergo a liposuction for areas such as thighs, abdomen, back, arms, chin and neck. Though this is a detailed overview, the Clinic warns that a patient should discuss all the details with their surgeon before going in for the surgery. Knowing and understanding the pre- as well as post-operative precautions are a necessary part of undergoing the surgery. As per the Clinic, liposuction is usually carried out when the fat does not respond to regular exercise and diet.

Also remember that insurance usually does not cover a liposuction surgery. Hence, you are going to be spending a lot of your savings and you need to choose a liposuction clinic, that not only provides you the best treatment plan, but also one that does not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are planning to undergo a plastic surgeon’s knife to get rid of body fat, there a few things you should do – choose a certified and experienced surgeon, follow all the care and medications recommended, and do not resume exercises until your doctor gives you the green signal.

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