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Design Your Own Shirt with the New T-Shirt Designer!

Raleigh NC, September 2017 - NCLogowear (, a custom t shirt printing, embroidery, and signage company proudly introduces their newest innovation in t shirt designing, the T-Shirt Designer! If you are an avid fan of t shirts who would like to make your own design to be printed, it is now available online and on their website with a click of a button.

Now you will be able to have a print preview of your designs and ideas by utilizing their T-Shirt Designer application - free! But how does the T-Shirt Designer work? NCLogowear says it's easy as A, B, C.

The company says that by simply going to their application on their site, a white sample t shirt on the screen is waiting to be designed. All you need to do is to choose different options on how to design your shirt. What's great about the application is that it is also mobile friendly.

The following are your options.

Add Image - You can click or drop images to the designer app and you can choose any image you have on your computer, storage device, or mobile and make it bigger or smaller for great custom printed t shirts.

Add Text - You can add text as a design to the shirt and has options to make the text font bigger, smaller, bolder, italicised, underlined, and even curved!

Choose from Designs - You can also choose designs that are readily available in the application - Assorted, Cities, Shapes, and Vintage. They are pre-designed ideas for customers who have no idea yet on what to design with their shirts. The designer also gives you the option on what shirt color you want.

NCLogowear made an awesome online application to design a shirt, the options you have like add image, add text, and choose from designs can be done altogether in one shirt. They said that you can design your own shirt by adding an image, then add a text you want, and choose from pre-designed ideas in one shirt.

The T-Shirt Designer from NCLogowear is a big help for businesses who want to have their own clothing logos and for people who wants to design their very own shirt and be printed. Designing is now made easier and simpler, all you have to do is make use of the application and simply send it to the company with your name and email, a printed design you made on the designer is on the way.

About NCLogowear

From North Carolina, the company's knowledge and experience of screen printing and attention to detail are the key guarantees that you will have the highest quality products possible. It does not matter if you need a few dozen shirts, caps, jackets, or a store full of printed and embroidered polo shirts, they provide the same dedication and service you’ve come to expect from NCLogowear screen printing and embroidery. The company also offer printing for promotional merchandise for businesses as a form of advertising for product launches or services.

They have the newest, state-of-the-art technology needed to print high-quality, multi-colored designs. Their advanced equipment ensures that every order is done quickly and to customer standards. You can supply your own artwork for your NCLogowear screen printed apparel, or let their talented art staff help you create the perfect logo or image! They can create t-shirts for high school and family reunions, sports teams, gifts, workwear, and for churches or other groups. And as the company says, you are limited only by your imaginat ...

News Release: Design Your Own Shirt with the New T-Shirt Designer!
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