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DermaClinix- For Excellent Laser Tattoo Removal!

LaserHairRemovalClinic (DermaClinix) is emerging out as the best skin and hair treatment center in Delhi. Headed by top dermatologists, Dr. Kavish Chouhan and Dr. Amrendra Kumar, DermaClinix is providing excellent laser tattoo removal services to people around the world.

A Tattoo is seen as an incredible artwork on skin, but not throughout! Many people get a tattoo inked at a younger age, but find it not so pleasing when they get matured. They try to get the tattoo removed, but begin to hide it, when find no optimal solution. In fact, many professions strongly forbid tattoo inked on the body. This increases the self-consciousness in people and prevent them from being social. Many even lose their opportunity to work at their dream company because of the same.

DermaClinix (LaserHairRemovalClinic) provides an exquisite service of laser light therapy for tattoo removal to such people. In a laser tattoo removal procedure, the experienced dermatologists of DermaClinix use an advanced laser light which is chosen as per the patient’s skin type, type of ink used, color & size of the tattoo, the ample of ink used, the body region, and depth of the ink placed on the skin. This is so as to provide you a safe and comfortable experience.

In a laser light therapy for tattoo removal at DermaClinix, the laser light is made to fall on the inked area. The laser light breaks down the ink particles, making them removed from your body through natural processes. As some ink colors are sturdier than others, the procedure is performed in different sessions.

“With each session, you experience fading of the tattoo, and no tattoo at the end,” says Dr. Amrendra Kumar, the co-founder of DermaClinix.

Several people have undergone a tattoo removal procedure from LaserHairRemovalClinic (DermaClinix) till date and they have positive reviews about the clinic.

Not just the laser tattoo removal, DermaClinix is quite famous for its anti-ageing treatments as well. The Laser light therapy for wrinkles given by proficient dermatologists at this clinic has changed lives of many. The laser used by them in this procedure has helped a lot in tightening the sagging skin and eradicating of fine lines, wrinkles and other such ageing signs. Hundreds of people have visited LaserHairRemovalClinic (DermaClinix) to look beautiful and younger than ever!

At DermaClinix, the skin specialists are well-versed with the advanced equipment and the upcoming developments in the same field, and thus strive to provide the best optimal solutions to patients along with homely atmosphere.

Address: E-13, Defence Colony, Main Ring Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

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News Release: DermaClinix- For Excellent Laser Tattoo Removal!
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