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Cupid rescue Match 2 or more hearts to rescue small cupids available on iOS Store.

Are you bored of playing the same old game? Are you looking for something fun and exciting? Then Cupid Rescue is the one for you! The game has been designed to help you remain entertained for a long, long time and keep you distracted for hours.
The basic idea of the game is to match two hearts so that you can rescue a trapped cupid. This fun filled game play ensures that you have a good time for hours, as you rescue the trapped cupids and set them free. Once you rescue the cupid, you can move to the next level of the game and keep making your way up through the levels.
There are over 100 levels to choose from thereby making it an exciting game to have with you. You can pull it out when you are bored and play to your desire. The user interface is quite smooth and will help you easily navigate through the levels. There are multi colored hearts present that should be matched in a row to free the trapped cupids. This makes it visually appealing and quite fun for young children.
Each level comes with a different challenge to make for exciting gameplay. Once you pass the challenge, you will be automatically directed to the next level. If in case you fail to complete the challenge, then you will lose a life. The cupid has a maximum of 5 lives and will take about 30 minutes for a lost life to replenish. Once done, you can continue playing the game and have an enjoyable time doing so.
The game can be played by just about anyone who wishes to have a great time. Right from children to adults, the game makes for a fascinating choice that can keep you busy for hours and entertained too!
What’s more, you can also sign up using your Facebook account and compete with family and friends to beat their score and have fun challenging them. You can set your records and compare them with that of others.
The game can be incredibly addictive. Once you start playing, you will not feel like stopping. The game can be downloaded on the iOS store and does well on versions 6.0 and later. The game can be played on iPad and iTouch.
Minor bugs have been fixed on the app thereby further enhancing gameplay. More fun and exciting levels are on their way and are sure to keep you glued to the game! ...

News Release: Cupid rescue Match 2 or more hearts to rescue small cupids available on iOS Store.
Submitted on: August 23, 2017 10:51:10 AM
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