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Country Music Uses Real Instruments To Make It Sound Real

Country music has a reputation of not being cool. It is known as one of the most boring, corny genres in our generation. For those who have been country fans for a long time appreciate the value of country's sound. Pop music is continuously evolving into the tech age with its computer generated effects. Country on the other hand tends to remain untouched.

It is true that country music does incorporate some computer generated effects but the core of this genre is pure musical sound. If one were to compare the sounds of Kesha to George Strait or Carrie Underwood they would find a vast array of differences in sound. Kesha's sound is purely computer generated while George Strait and Carrie Underwood are pure talent.

There is no mistaking the vocals of Carrie Underwood to the techno vocals of Kesha. If you compare them live most would agree that Kesha is merely hiding behind the talents of technology to gain her popularity. Music in present day has become more of image instead of talent. However country is one of the few genres that depend on an artist or band's talent to create the sound their audience wants.

Country music uses traditional instruments such as the acoustic guitar, steel guitar, harmonica, and even the fiddle. These instruments do not play as a backdrop for the typical country singer but more as an enhancement to their instrument; their voice.

Country music concerts are also the best shows to attend because they require less techno effects and more of enjoying that laid back natural music sound. Music is meant to be expressed in its natural form and country music sticks to its roots. The instrument never loses its value which is why if country can use them, they have a long happy life.

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