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Cosy and Affordable Housing Projects Built by Realtech Nirman

In the recently announced Financial Budget 2018-2019, the government has re-emphasised the significance of affordable housing in the world of real estate in India. Way back in 2010, before affordable housing became one of the top priorities of the government, ‘Realtech Nirman Private Limited’ was building cosy and spacious apartments in the smart cities of Kolkata and keeping its price well within the reach of the majority population.

Quality and Price could Go Hand-In-Hand:- This is the informal way of penning down the mission of the company. We have been a consistent performer, serving the buyers with quality 2 and 3 BHK flats for sale in Kolkata without making holes in their pockets. Even the recent housing projects like ‘Rajotto’ and ‘The Indiana’ bear the impressions of organisation’s ultimate mission and vision.

The features of the recent projects:-

1. The Indiana:- ‘Realtech Nirman’ implements the best architectural principles with the aid of advanced machinery and equipment. The apartments are well-designed and the internal space has been utilised in the best manner.

Multiple amenities like topnotch security installations, advanced fire security systems, a car parking zone, a landscaped rooftop garden and a swimming pool, all the facilities will be available to the flat owners for no extra cost.

2. Rajotto:- The meaning of the Bengali word ‘Rajotto’ is the empire of a kingdom. Honestly speaking, our homes are no less than our private empires. ‘Realtech Nirman’ is keeping the prices of these apartments in Newtown well within the reach of the majority buyers.

3. Both ‘The Indiana’ and ‘Rajotto’ have been built in the locations close to the arterial roads and other facilities like shopping malls, hospitals, schools etc. The housing projects are located very near to the upcoming East-West metro rail stations.

‘Realtech Nirman’ would always strive to provide the best products to the buyers with a minimum profit margin. The next housing projects will also follow these principles of the comp ...

News Release: Cosy and Affordable Housing Projects Built by Realtech Nirman
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