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Cork Flooring and Pets

Have pets? Then you know all about the level of responsibilities and issues that you might not have thought of before you became a pet owner. Never thought that having a pet would become a concern on what type of flooring will work in your house, but it does. However, all is not lost, cork is a flooring material that not only compliments your home but also bears well with pets. Cork tiles can be installed in every room of the house and do more in return.
Some home owners worry that their pets can damage cork flooring with their claws, or even by trying to chew on the tiles. Well, this is not a detrimental concern. In fact, some styles of cork flooring are designed to withstand such with a harder surface layer. You can also seal cork floors with a polypropylene finish. Even trimming your pets’ nails a bit more often will contribute to reducing scratches.
An interesting fact about this type of flooring is that your pets will be able to walk on it without generating the clickity-clackity sound of claws to disturb you. You will not hear any annoying noise as a result of cork’s Acoustic Insulation ability. Your pet can even run around all night without you being bothered by the noise. Another advantage is that the cork flooring is also great for your dog’s joints as well. Falls on a cork floor produce less injuries as cork has an elastic or cushioning effect much unlike stone.
One other important advantage that you would benefit from with cork tiles in your home – cork is a natural mould, bacteria and insect repellent. Ticks and mites have no place to nest as cork has no fibrous material, resulting in less insects bothering your beloved pet.
Moreover, if you are still having trouble house training your pets, you should know that every time they don’t manage to get outside in time, you can clean the unwanted spills without any trouble. There will be no stain or odour that might affect your floor. An option that carpet or on hardwood floors cannot give you. Besides helping with Acoustic Insulation, cork floors look great, giving you the beauty of a wood-based floor without all the cons of one.
Unlike carpet, cork is easy to maintain. Sweep or vacuum and dry mop regularly to keep it clean. This is the perfect option for removing any dust, hair or dirt that might be on your cork floor. Quick and labour non-intensive, in just minutes, your floor will look as good as new. Cleaning it will not be challenging at all.
If you have pets and would like to ensure that your floor will help you benefit from just the right advantages, you should be aware of the fact that cork flooring ( ) and Acoustic Insulation ( ) go hand in hand. You can learn more about your options by paying our website a visit and ordering your free cork samples to ...

News Release: Cork Flooring and Pets
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