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Consult with a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault & Battery Charges

If you have been accused of an assault crime or a battery crime, then a skilled criminal defense lawyer is required to represent you. An assault crime and a battery charge convicted persons will face severe legal penalties. In the state of Florida, it is important to identify a criminal defense lawyer before facing the jail time. The assault & battery crime legal procedures can be confusing the people who have recently charged under these crimes. This type of criminal charges can seriously impact you, your family and your future reputations. So consult with a criminal defense lawyer to minimize the penalties and protect your legal rights on the court.

Assault Charges
An assault is a crime that one person harms another person in an unlawful intentional threat. When an individual believes that violence is about to happen because of another one, even there is no physical contact; and he will be accused with assault charges. In the state of Florida, specifically in Fort Lauderdale people who have convicted with an assault case will face penalties based on the type of crime.

• For the first time assault offenders, will face the second-degree misdemeanor assault charges - fines up to $500 and the prison time up to 60 days.
• For the aggravated assault offenders, will face the third-degree felony charges - fines up to $5000 and the prison time up to 5 years.

Battery Charges
A battery is a criminal offense that one person intentionally and actually attacking, bodily harming another person or touching another person against his / her will. The battery charges are one of the most punishable crimes in the state of Florida. A battery crime charged person will face severe penalties based on which type a battery case he accused. In general, there are three types of battery offense,

• Simple battery (striking / touching / bodily harm)
• Aggravated battery (permanent disfigurement / disability / use deadly weapons)
• Battery upon a law enforcement officer

If a person charged under the battery or assault case, then that person may face strong penalties. In this situation, criminal defense lawyer is an only choice to protect the convicted person from being arrested with a batter / assault crime. Whether the crime is a first time offense or an aggravated offense, an assault and battery defense attorney will represent on behalf of the clients. If you’re in Fort Lauderdale and look for a criminal defense lawyer for assault & battery charges, then visit ...

News Release: Consult with a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault & Battery Charges
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