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Comfort solutions Furnace Replacement and Maintenance Tips.

What kind of maintenance is essential for my furnace?
To keep your new furnace working at its best, consider investing in a maintenance plan. Early indicators can be detected and addressed before serious problems occur (costing you less!). Also, a properly maintained system will minimize energy consumption, prolong the life of your equipment and lower the probability of emergency calls.
What's the right size furnace in my home?
To look for the correct comfort solutions furnace size for a given house, a heat-load calculation should be performed. This calculation takes into account numerous factors including the size and orientation of the house, the neighborhood landscaping, the number of windows, and also the number of occupants. Too large a furnace means you will use (and purchase) more fuel than necessary; not enough means you won't be comfy. The sizing of your furnace is critical to proper operation; never leave this to guess work.
Do I need to get other things in my new comfort solutions furnace?
To make sure compatibility, it's wise to think about adding furnace accessories when you buy your new furnace.
HEPA filter - This filter consists of fine borosilicate fibers which are pressed together to form a net-like structure with openings large enough for air to feed but too small for most particulates. Filters come in sheets which are pleated to achieve maximum area. Filters retain the highest amount of carbon possible to ensure efficiency and maximum use.
Electrostatic comfort solutions filter - The heap filter attracts particles using a static charge developed by air moving over the filter. It protects the furnace and ac coil, and traps a wide range of bioparticles such as pet dander, bacteria, moulds, and pollen. The heap filter should be washed and dried monthly and lasts about five years.
Pleated fabric filter - The pleats within this filter give a large area for capturing particles. It traps everything an electrostatic filter can, and is a little bit more effective. This filter ought to be replaced approximately every three months (check it each month to find out if it is dirty).
Media air filter - This filter has a high-efficiency pleated medium that may trap all that the pleated fabric and electrostatic filters can. However, the heap filter requires minimal maintenance - you just change the media cartridge once or twice annua ...

News Release: Comfort solutions Furnace Replacement and Maintenance Tips.
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