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Chinese Manufacturer Rises to Prominence with Performance-Guaranteed Internet Routers

Shenzhen, China, 10th Jan, 2018:
Routers have come a long way since their early says in the market. The modern routers that provide Internet connections to homes and offices are nothing like the devices that the people were first introduced to. These newer generation of routers are smaller, smarter and many times more powerful. The realities of both indoor and outdoor 4g router have changed rapidly in the past few years. These products have been brought into the market and made available to the commoners by retailers, some of whom have a major role to play in bringing the people up to date with the newer technologies. E-Lins is one such name that has responsibly introduced the newest gadgets in routers to the market.

Based in China and incepted in 1999, the company is a globally known retailer of smart and powerful Internet routers. At this point, E-Lins has a wide catalogue of routers that include sim card router, 3G router, 4G LTE, cellular IP modem, advertising router and many others. In its assortment of routers, E-Lins includes everything from basic and inexpensive models to top-of-the-line devices. However, the company remains focused on industrial modems alone. That makes it a popular purchase destination for stores, offices and commercial places that often require robustly powerful modems.

With the aim to bring to the people optimally powerful routers, the company puts together a line of very well reviewed and perfectly engineered routers that are both high on performance and aesthetics. These devices can connect a large number of client machines without loss of Internet speed or connectivity. Among its advanced routers are some that can control HVAC systems, security consoles and even IT equipment. 4g router with lan port is also available among its list of products.

At this point, the company sells its products to 50 different countries around the world. Starting in Asia, the company offers its products around the globe through Europe, Africa, Satin America, North America and Middle East. The industries it serves are over 20. As of today, the company has catered to fields like water schedule, power control, oil field, environmental regulation, traffic, street lighting control, security, CCTV, weather forecast and more. E-Lins has a ISO9001/14000 certification along with others like the China Compulsory Certification. All E-Lins products are warranty protected which has been made possible because of the company’s in-house production policy.

All products sold by E-Lins are manufactured in its own factory. That takes care of the quality assurance and faultless performance of its routers. The company reaches markets around the world through a broad network of distributors that are located in 50 countries across the globe. To make purchase a smidge more convenient for its buyers, the company now takes ODM and OEM requests.
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E-Lins Technology was established in 1999, which is the leading professional manufacturer and solution provider in wireless M2M/IoT/In-Vehicle. E-Lins' products dual sim 4g router, industrial 4g modem, gsm router 4g, 4g router with lan port, 4g router with ethernet, etc. are manufactured in-house.

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News Release: Chinese Manufacturer Rises to Prominence with Performance-Guaranteed Internet Routers
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