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Cardonio: Scam or Not? Wait Till You Find out the Truth Below

To test if a bill is genuine or not, one needs to know what a genuine bill really is and what it looks like –its colors, security features, paper quality, serial number and many other telltale signs which the makers themselves will tell you. Yes, the crucial point is to get the truth from the manufacturer or source itself. This way -- knowing, seeing, feeling and smelling what a real bill is – one can easily spot a fake one. Simple rule to follow, yet so often, one that is so difficult to follow. This is especially true with things that have been intentionally designed by seasoned and well-equipped scammers to deceive even the most-discriminating targeted victims.

In the case of service-providers in the financial industry, one negative press commentary regarding one’s product or project can produce a ripple-effect among prospective customers, lumping any unfortunate newcomer and even veteran company among the bunch of flight-by-night operators out there.

Take, for instance, a negative statement posed to Cardonio that “Visa will not work with Cryptocurrency ICOs”, which, honestly, is a good point. Technically, Visa will not work directly with Cardonio. However, a white-label partner, which is a third-party company duly-accredited as a processor by MasterCard® and Visa®, will serve as Cardonio’s processing platform. The company is a Level-1-PCI-DSS-compliant firm based in UAE. It will provide Cardonio and its customer’s end-to-end solutions which include payment-processing from both Visa and MasterCard.

Here is more from the source itself: Cardonio merely utilizes cryptocurrency to back the fiat money it uses as security with its payment processor. A processing company that acquires a top-line compliance with those two reputable companies, Mastercard and Visa, is firm evidence or telltale sign of Cardonio’s legitimacy.

Lastly, Cardonio’s business model is rather simple: It puts up funds (in fiat money) with its white-label partner in order to provide customers a line of credit. The customers, in turn, will use cryptocoins as security against that line of credit in fiat. In the process, Cardonio derives revenue from the settlement of the account 30-90 days later. Obviously, the naysayers do not see the whole picture the way Cardonio and its trusted customers and partners do. Yes, even genuine things can be mistaken as fakes. It takes an aware and educated individual to tell the real differe ...

News Release: Cardonio: Scam or Not? Wait Till You Find out the Truth Below
Submitted on: September 17, 2018 06:34:01 AM
Submitted by: Drake Strong
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