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Cancer curation of my dad by top oncologist

How could anyone explain the grief, one daughter would go through after encountering that her dad is suffering from one of the most dreaded disease of the time, i.e. Cancer. He was one the most health conscious persons in the family and thus always motivated me also to maintain my health. It was just a normal day when he complained about some sort of pain in his stomach. As stomach ache wasn't any severe symptom for something, we tried some home remedies and exercises to cure that. We considered it as a minor symptom for the issues like upset stomach, indigestion or acidity.
But his complain became too persistent. And now it started worrying us. Even the intensity of the pain was increasing as reported by my dad. Such cramps became frequent. We decided to get it checked. We consulted one physician near to us about these cramps. After some tests and checkups doctor diagnosed the growth of some tumor kind of growth in the intestine. The doctor himself suggested us to get my dad diagnosed by a specialized doctor, as there can be many kind of tumor and also the treatment may vary. Till now we believed that it’s some kind of tumor growth in the intestine which is bothering my father. We took him to a specialized doctor and explained all the symptoms and also the result of the various tests undergone. After the further requisite tests, doctor gave us shocking news that the tumor is not a general kind of growth but its cancerous growth. Doctor diagnosed gastrointestinal cancer in my dad and we all family members were in a deep shock and pain. But though we all family members were panic stricken, still we were ready to do whatever comes in his treatment. We all knew that cancer has a very lil percentage of survival, still it wasn't impossible and we were ready to have any treatment which could make my dad healthy again.
We consulted doctor only and asked how it could be treated. They explained all the possible treatment of cancer. Which included chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and targeted therapy? Above all, the doctor suggested consulting a oncologist for the same. We wanted to do best of what we could do. So started searching for best oncologists for gastrointestinal cancer. After some exploration on Internet we collected some names, but the name which had a great work toward Cancer and its treatment , was Dr. Durgatosh Pandey. He was one of the best cancer specialists in India. We decided to get my dad treated by him. We took him to Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. Since Dr. Durgatosh Pandey is a well known and recognized OncoSurgeon of India, we had some hope.
After proper medication and surgery done by Dr. Pandey, my father came to life once again. Once it seemed impossible to treat disease like cancer but we were assisted by one of the finest cancer specialist in India and thus got my dad healthy and happy. . Dr Pandey, to me and to my family is a blessing and due to him only we faced that dark time. Why he shouldn't be listed in the list of best oncologists in In ...

News Release: Cancer curation of my dad by top oncologist
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