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Camera Motion Sensing Software released by CustomSoft

This project detects motion and sounds and alarm accordingly. This is a web application that constantly monitors an environment using a camera and sounds an alarm and even records images of the motion taking place as soon as it takes place. This is one of the top selling security systems. High resolution images can be captured.

Methodology of Camera Motion sensing software by CustomSoft:
• The user first needs to set a security code.
• As soon as the user sets the code and activates the system, monitoring starts.
• The motion detector algorithm now constantly monitors the environment to check for any movement.
• As soon any movement takes place in front of the camera the alarm is activated.
• Now the system sounds its alarm and even takes photos of the motion taking place.
• The user now needs to deactivate the alarm by entering the security code again.
Advantages of Camera Motion Sensing Software:
• The system is user friendly and secured.
• It can be used everywhere for security purpose
• This system is mobile compatible
• It is cost-effective.
• It also saves the motions occurred so that they can be used as an evidence.
• It maximizes accuracy and reduces storage space usage.

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News Release: Camera Motion Sensing Software released by CustomSoft
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