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Bulk SMS Software: Send group text messages from computer to mobile phones for mobile marketing

Mobile messaging technique is beneficial for various industries or organization to send any information via text messages from PC over worldwide mobile users. Today in market various SMS messaging applications are available and used by different industries for sending personalized or informational messages to multiple mobile contacts. Company developed Bulk SMS Software with advance technology to compose text messages in English or Non-English characters and send to multiple mobile contacts from PC using GSM, Windows or Android technology based mobile devices. Software also connects USB modems with PC for sending group text messages over worldwide. Bulk SMS software is useful for various industries such as:

• Telecommunication
• Mobile Marketing
• Advertisement
• Social Media
• Educational Institutions
• Financial Sectors
• Business Marketing
• IT Companies and other industries

PC to mobile messaging software facilitates to send job alerts, reminders, business campaigns, product advertisement, events, seasonal greetings, news, invitations and other personalized messages from PC to mobile phones without internet connection. SMS messaging application provides facility to load multiple mobile contacts from text or excel file and also allows user to add or paste mobile numbers manually. Bulk text SMS software empowers users to send Unique and Personalized messages to every contact using Excel file. Software provides option to save sent messages to templates for future reference. Mobile text messaging software is developed with advance Exclusion List Wizard features to manage lists of contacts or groups, which you may need to exclude time to time when sending bulk SMS from PC.

Salient features of Bulk SMS Software:

• Software provides facility to skip duplicate contacts entries during SMS sending process.
• Allow user to send text messages to individuals or list of phone numbers.
• Provide advance Delayed Delivery Option to control or manage load of SMS broadcasting.
• Facilitate to export messages with contacts in Excel file format for future reference.
• Support English or non-English characters to compose and send text messages in multilingual language.
• Provide option to edit or update selected messages.
• Facilitate to clear all or selected messages.
• Software easily installs on all latest versions of Windows OS and provides highly interactive graphical user interface easy to use.

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News Release: Bulk SMS Software: Send group text messages from computer to mobile phones for mobile marketing
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