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Borderline-A personal Journey

New Delhi, 10 October 2017: Author Shabri Prasad Singh, launched her First fictional Novel Borderline. Borderline has been published by Bloomsbury Publications and deals with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

“ Borderline” is the personal journey of Amrita, who harbours an almost devotional love for her father, and is unable to cope with the legal separation of her parents, eventually leading to her mother getting remarried and her father passing on. These emotionally traumatic experiences at an early age make Amrita vulnerable to what is now acknowledged and accepted as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

While releasing the Book, Eminent Neuropsychiatrist, Chief Guest & panelist Dr. Sanjay Chugh said “I am delighted to be launching Shabri’s first novel. India is a huge country, but the ratio of number of psychiatrist and trained psychologist for 3 lac- 6 lac patients is 1. It is important to raise the awareness about the necessity for a solid and a strong mental health infrastructure in this country. And what Shabri has done, we need to appreciate her for the effort and openness about this illness. I am sure with right amount of awareness spread through right channel; there will be elimination of myths around mental illness.”

Eminent Fashion designer Mr. Tarun Tahiliani, while speaking at the Panel discussion appreciated Shabri and said “ Audience should get motivated from her, and be able to change their perspective towards mental illness”

Ms. Vinita Swara Nangia, Author and Senior Editor at Times of India, during the discussion said “I came across some sentences and thoughts in the book that are very beautifully sorted. This would come out from someone who is mature and who has gone through a lot of ups and down in her life. The words are very beautifully put in together.”

Author, Shabri Prasad Singh while releasing the books said “This book is a lot about me. Through personal experience I believe help and medicine is needed when someone has a mental problem. There is no need to be ashamed and hide the fact, live with the illness, Live with dignity, seek help and speak up if you find someone you know who has issue. I worked through the illness for years; I thought I could not do anything, I wanted to run away and die but that was the weak me.

In the book too Amrita’s psychiatrist, Dr Sanjay Chugh, helps her gain self-confidence, and see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, not just is she able to gain better control over her own paranoia, but is also able to counsel others suffering the same.

“I am sure that Shabris first book on her personal experiences and her talking about the least talked about Borderline disorder will help her create awareness about this common issues that people ignore or have not been able to understand” further added Dr. Chugh.

“I was able to go through the ordeal and come out with aplomb only because of the help that my therapist and psychiatrist Ms. Purnima and Dr. Sanjay Chugh gave me. Dr Sanjay Chugh is like my god father and thank you so much for all the help. He is the one who taught me acceptance and consistency is the key to battle it out. I owe him my life and this book.” continued Shabri.

Shabri prasad singh is a philosopher by heart. She was raised in cities like London and New Delhi and studied in New York. She is a deeply into the study of the mind and behaviour. She went to the city university of New York where she chose to major in anthropology and psychology. She is into painting cooking and above all writing which gives her an immense sense of peace. A true feminist by heart Shabri fights for freedom of speech and equality. Born on the 21st of December 1984 and like all Saggitarians Shabri is a free spirit and a wanderer. She says there is nothing more important than the earth and its people and she is an advocate of love and harmony. For further details, please visit, http://www.shabriprasadsingh. ...

News Release: Borderline-A personal Journey
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