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Boost your immune system and stay healthy with yoga training in India

Yoga boosts our natural immune system to its peak to help our body deal with any kind of ailment affecting us in future. It has been said that a peaceful and happy mental state reflects on the physical health of the person. Yoga focuses on the healing the soul to help the physical body to heal at a quicker pace while removing all the toxins from the body.

AYM yoga school provides various training sessions for students who are looking forward to instilling yoga as a part of their life which includes course modules such as 200, 300 and 500-hour yoga teacher training along with Ayurveda teacher training as well. A well-curated mix of Ayurveda and yoga helps nourish the body to reach its full potential with restorative yoga along with yin and yang style of asanas.
Yoga is termed as a protective buffer for your immune system. With continuous workload hovering upon your head, you need a getaway for few days and what better than yoga to bring back that baby-like tension-free state of mind. The various types of asanas required to be practiced in a regular pattern for great immunity are:

1. Shishuasan:
The season for cold and flu comes with a congested chest that brings down all the energy and reflects an irritated personality for any person suffering from the same. However, Shishuasan, when practiced on a regular basis can help the body fight with the congestion and construct a strong defense system for the body.
The asana also helps in relieving any kind of constipation while relaxing the back for people suffering from chronic back pain issues. Child pose induces a sense of relaxation throughout the body and mind by bringing a sense of control to the whole nervous system.

2. Setu Bandhasana:
An uninterrupted blood circulation all over the body brings in enhanced energy levels with intensified resistance against the disease-causing pathogens. The Setu Bandhasana helps open the blood vessels emerging from the heart to their full potential which increases the overall blood flow inside the body. With proper oxygen supply to all parts of the body, ailments are easier to tackle.

3. Halasana:
Halasana is a variation of backward bend pose that helps increase the overall count of the white blood cells in the blood. The WBCs are the fighting force of our body that defends us against any germs, bacteria or foreign objects that pose threat to our normal body functions. With a strong army of WBCs protecting the body, one can remain healthy for a long term with regular practice of Halasana and similar yoga asanas.

4. Bhujangasana:
Bhujangasana has similar implications as the Shishuasana which opens up the chest to a better blood and air flow throughout the body while increasing the production of white blood cells in the blood. Also known as Cobra Pose, this asana helps tone the low lying organs of the body that constitute the region near lower abdomen.
It also boosts the body metabolism leading to a loss of weight which is great for boosting the immune system. The asana is known to release stress from the mind. Patients suffering from asthma and sciatica obtain great relief from the symptoms when the asana is practiced regularly.

5. Dhanurasana:
The Bow pose or Dhanurasana helps improve the flow of WBCs through an improved flow of blood from head to toe. The asana helps in relieving any kind of discomfort during menstruation or treat constipation. Bow Pose is also a good energy booster than brings down the stress level. It helps stimulate the proper functioning of neck, chest, and shoulders to provide support to the body at their full potential.
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