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BizKonnect, a growing actionable sales intelligence startup

Bizkonnect has global customers in different domains. Their sales and marketing teams leverage BizKonnect’s sales intelligence and personalized campaign solution to reach to their target prospects.
BizKonnect, a growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 100th customer.The company saw an year of accelerated growth and doubled its revenue. The year also saw it expanding its business offering to providing sales intelligence to the HCM and Hospitality markets in addition to its well established IT market. Its database expanded multifold and crossed 1 Mn global companies.
The company has invested significantly into building a strong product suite. The product leverages Semantic search technologies and NLP to gather the web sales intelligence. The technology is helping the company not only to bring in operational efficiency but also offer unique business intelligence to its customers. The company is already seeing improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction.
On product side, the company launched its HCM module BizKonnect HCM which provides sales intelligence around HCM technologies, decision makers of HR and intelligence around open job requirements. It got more than 50 customers for this module in a short span of 6 months. Encouraged by this, it is developing its module for the Hospitality domain. It plans to continue to take this domain specific approach to fuel its growth further in the coming years.
In addition to bringing in innovation in sales and products, it has initiated innovation in its delivery model. To bring in more efficiency, it has already set up its data research teams in tier 2 destinations – Aurangabad and Goa. These extended teams are helping to scale up data research and quality assurance efforts and will add to the company’s capabilities to deliver to the scale in a cost effective manner.
BizKonnect is at a stage where it has a proven business model, strong product and its offerings are in huge demand. This year is going to be an year of scaling up, leveraging this strong base. It will involve accelerating its own Sales, expanding into new business units and taking its product and services to the next le ...

News Release: BizKonnect, a growing actionable sales intelligence startup
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