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Best Wedding Planners in India Share Innovative Décor Ideas

Every couple dreams of a very glamorous wedding that includes their near and dear ones and never-seen-before décor. Be it an exorbitant destination wedding or an old classic styled one, everyone wants to stand apart with their wedding theme and wants to be remembered for a long time in their friend’s mind. Top luxury wedding management company in India, Shloka always provides authentic touches to the ceremonies to make those ceremonious.
Flowers Have Something to Say
There are umpteen ways of flower arrangements that allow your wedding décor to look extraordinary. The quintessential centerpieces that can be added to the wedding décor to give it a million dollar look. The flowers can be arranged in big glass vases as well as metallic or wooden ones. Place an idol of your favorite god at the entrance and decorate the place with lots of red flowers. If you have decorated your wedding area with soft hues then make it subtly brighter with some fresh and dazzling flowers and see the magic. A combination of crystals along with flowers can add a unique style to the tables.
Venue Needs A Makeover Too!
Since it is your day by every means so have signboards all over the venue that tell your love story, the first meeting, how the proposal was made; everything and if it is an arranged marriage, be sure you have lot more to say! Elite luxury wedding management company in India, Shloka advises to honor the guests too by making them feel special, put some signboards that tell your guests that you are grateful that they have joined you on the most important day of your life. Multiple events happen at the same time in a wedding. Give your guests a clue about where the ceremony is happening, where the buffet is or where the dance floor is, along with fun it can be very helpful. Sometimes guests sitting counts more than you might think. Thoughtful seating arrangements are supreme to the guest’s experience.
Set the Stage on Fire
Give different look to beautify sangeet stage, mehendi stage and wedding mandap. Arrange the sangeet stage with fiercely beautiful orange and yellow marigolds which has a mesmerizing appeal. Nowadays people are including rickshaws at their sangeet ceremony. Don up the rickshaw with lots of multicolored flowers to give it a chick look. Incorporate a royal seat for the wedding mandap. You are the queen of the day so pampering is obvious, isn’t it?
A wedding needs planning, so put a lot of thought in it. Premium destination wedding planner, Shloka tells when making decisions about location and décor, it requires a lot of trust to your wedding team. In earlier days weddings had a specific formula, everybody wanted to follow the same chain of thoughts which has changed drastically as we have travelled a long way and want to make our D Day special so be it photo shoot or hip hop dance in your wedding, make it authentic. There is no substitute for a wedding that truly kindles the bride and groom as a cou ...

News Release: Best Wedding Planners in India Share Innovative Décor Ideas
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