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Best Tangle Free Earbuds With Flat Cable

When using some wired earbuds, one of the annoying problems you face is the tangling of the wires. That's where tangle-free earbuds come into play.

In this post, I've listed some of the best flat cable earbuds that come with a mic.

The earbuds which do not have flat cables, tend to tangle a bit quickly when you put them up in your pocket or even when you put it on your couch.

If you are a curious human (I guess you are!), you may have sometimes wondered why the cables of earbuds tangle all by themselves. Finally, scientists are now able to explain why wires tangle itself.

#1. Philips In-ear High Precision Tx2 Earbuds

Philips in ear high precision

Cable: These are the best tangle free earbuds with mic below $50. This earbud comes with a tangle-free flat cord with slider technology. This enables you to get rid of any slight tangles that may occur easily. You can easily pull them out from your pocket and use them on the go, without worrying them to untangle them.

The cable also includes an inline mic and remote control. The mic does an excellent job of getting rid of background noise, so you'll have clear conversations with these on.

Sound quality: If you've ever used earbuds from Jlabs or Panasonic in this range, Philips clearly beats them regarding sound quality. As they fit nicely into your ears, the extended bass can be felt strongly in your ears. The bass is tight and extended.

The mids are very clear; you often notice the details of the songs you've never noticed before. The highs are crystal clear, and there is no distortion whatsoever.

Comfort: These earbuds come with three sets of ear tips. These ensure that you find the perfect pair that fits in your ears snugly. If you have tiny ears, you may find it difficult to find a good ear tip pair out of these. So, you may need to get another set ear tips preferably Comply Foam Eartips that suits your ear size and fits in perfectly.

Once you find the perfect fit, the sound isolation is excellent.

#2. Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds with Mic


Cable: If you are looking for a completely tangle-free, and durable earbuds for working out, these work like a charm. Most of the zipper earbuds come with a zipper. However, these earbuds come with a Zipperless Zipper Cabling, which lets you use the earbuds without worrying about tangling. The lack of the actual zipper is a significant upgrade over the previous version of ZipBuds and makes the earbuds very lightweight for everyday use.


The zipper starts from the remote pad and does an excellent job of holding the two wires together and prevent them from tangling.

Sound: The bass is balanced and punchy. It does not sacrifice mids and highs due to the strong bass. These earbuds can even satisfy needs of a bass-head to some extent.

For the price, the audio quality is excellent. The mids are clear and highs are very crisp. You won't be noticing any muddiness and distortion in your sound at all.

There is an inline mic that is sweat proof and gets you rid background noise effectively. The voice turns out to be very clear, nd I personally thought that the mic could be much better in terms of sound quality.

Comfort: These earbuds come with multiple sizes of Dual-Composite Silicone Ear Tips. These ear tips, when combined with the Sport Fit Mold gives you the utmost comfort and great fit for even intense workouts. They are very comfortable for long use, and never fall off your ears with a secure fit. As they are meant for the active lifestyle, they are designed so that the earbuds won't irritate your ears due to the sweat while working out.

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