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Best Mexican Restaurant for Luscious Food in Melbourne

Do you wish to have a meal or dinner in the best Mexican restaurant? Then visit Jalisco Mexican, which is a well known Mexican food restaurant to taste a variety of Mexican flavours.

Jalisco Mexican is located at 69 Chapel Street, Windsor Vic. 3181, Australia and serves delicious Mexican foods to the food lovers in the Melbourne. We have the best venue location with pleasant surroundings to taste Mexican dishes, which are prepared with the imported spices.

We have a team of professional chefs, who serves tasty and lite food in a friendly manner and experienced in preparing all kinds of Mexican food, which include authentic and traditional Mexican dishes.
We always prefer to serves only fresh and flavourful foods with rich nutrient values and no allergic chemicals.

Specials in Jalisco Mexican:


Nachos is a northern Mexican dish, composed of corn chips with cheese-based sauce. It is topped with jalapenos, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. It is available in both regular and large sizes with added chipotle chicken, braised beef, pulled pork or chilli con carne.


It is a Mexican cuisine that is most preferable food item at dinner by the Mexican food lovers. It is served with char-grilled meat sautéed with capsicum and onion. It also served with salad leaves, Mexican rice, guacamole and flour tortillas.

We offer various optional flavors to the customers along with Fajita, they are:

• Chorizo
• Seasoned rump steak
• Tequila lime tiger prawns
• Marinated Chicken


Enchilada is a corn tortilla wrapped around a filling of tender chicken that is baked in the oven and covered with a chili pepper sauce. It can be filled with a variety of ingredients, which include Mexican rice, pico, cheese, and black beans.

We serve Enchilada with:

• Pulled chipotle chicken with tomatillo sauce
• Potato and spinach with tomatillo mild chilli sauce
• Pulled beef with mild chilli sauce


A cocktail is a drink which is a combined with beverage and other ingredients, we also serve various types of cocktails, which include:

• Mojito
• Cosmopolitan
• Long Island Iced Tea
• Tequila Sunrise
• Espresso Martini

We allow our customers to celebrate private parties in our private dining area, which is designed for a group of 30 people.

So whenever you want to taste complete Mexican flavours, just visit our Jalisco Mexican restaurant Melbourne. You can call 03 9510 9800 or drop a mail at to book a table.
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Contact Details:

69 Chapel Street
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