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Best EDC Software

The Electronic data capture software is something that runs based on web server and in order to run the software, all you need is ordinary web browser. With help of internet connection, it is easy to use the software. This helps in maintaining critical data in order and there are different types and categories of software that can be used.

When it comes to clinical data and research based results, it is important to configure data and collect things in one frame. The best electronic data capture software are integrated with advanced, flexible and powerful features that make the process very convenient for clinical trial based companies. Dacima Software is one of the best used software which enables data capturing from multiple device.

The components of the software can be customized and offers wide range of options for data entry. The best EDC software can be also integrated with other software and it also had the option of creating questionnaires which are professional. Clinical trial studies and the research associated with it are not easy and the software has features which help in control over studies through custom reporting. Undoubtedly, Dacima Software provide cost effective and highly efficient data management platform to perform clinical trials. It definitely is one step solution for collection of all integral data.

The EDC software by Dacima Software provides a comprehensive and valuable platform with advanced features. It helps with real time edit checks and hence minimizes any related errors. Some of the features like native application workflow, advanced level data entry, in-built IWRS for randomization, management of query with custom reporting, automatic reminders and option of entering offline data makes it very convenient software to handle bulk clinical analysis and trial data.

The electronic data capture clinical trials are more accurate and comprehensive that has been designed and developed by experienced professionals. The software can be used to configure databases based on questionnaires, reports and other project associated queries. The best part of purchasing the software from Dacima Software is free training and web session to train in using the software appropriately. It is important to purchase software which maintains the integrity of the information.

With help of EDC based software, it helps in collecting quality data and produce cleaner data. Certain edit checks are integrated which meet requirement of formatting. This helps is saving proper data into the software. The process is more efficient and helps in requesting data specific to a case, individual or situation. It reduces errors and helps in eliminating data discrepancies. Since clinical trial involves bulk data base, the software is one stop solution for collecting all information. It gives faster real time access to d ...

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