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Benefits of Dating Outside Your Culture

Dating someone with a different cultural background can be an overwhelming experience for some people. Even though they may share many things in common, the cultural differences, no matter how small, can be sources of confusion and lead to misunderstandings. It is best to enter such a relationship with open eyes —avoid preconceptions and prejudices. You should view it as an excellent opportunity to not only learn, but also absorb the best qualities of a new culture. No matter if your differences with your partner are based on ethnicity, language, or religion — dating outside of your culture can be a very enriching experience.

One of the biggest benefits that you can derive from dating a person of a different cultural background is the opportunity to travel. Even if you met and live locally, chances are that your partner will have close family living in other parts of the world. This will eventually lead to visiting those regions. This will allow you to explore a different nation and culture, not as a tourist, but as an insider. You will get a true feel for the people and how they live. This will engender a level of appreciation for the new land that you are visiting as well as increasing that which you already have for your own country.

Being in a relationship with a person of an another culture can lead to moments when you might encounter people who are not so accepting. While this is unfortunate, it also provides you an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that humans are the same regardless of their background. In a way, the both you become quasi-ambassadors for a more inclusive society.

On a more practical note, you will also be exposed to a new language and new food. Even if you currently only speak English, by being in close proximity to another person that speaks another language, you will absorb that new language yourself. Over time, you will find yourself understanding it and even speaking it. As far as the food is concerned, when is testing a new style of cuisine ever a bad thing?

Another benefit that is more long-term in nature — but that is perhaps the most significant one of all — arrives if the relationship leads to marriage. When you have children, they will be the privileged recipients of being reared in two cultures. This can be intellectually stimulating and lead to kids that are more curious and understanding.

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