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Avoid Legal Complexities by hiring a Pasadena Child Custody Attorney

The legal complexities of child custody case are very stressful for parents, it can collapse entire family. If you and your spouse make a decision to stop the marriage life, especially involving a child, as a parent, you should consider lots of things during child custody. A highly skilled child custody attorney is needed to deal with child custody related issues. Without the legal assistance from a lawyer, it will be very hard to navigating the litigation. A child custody attorney can help you and your spouse by establishing a custody arrangement, parenting plan, visitation schedule and more.

A child custody attorney will guide by arranging legal counsel for the family members to understanding the seriousness of the case. A good child custody attorney has thorough knowledge in child custody legal matters and can advocate throughout the process. In the state of California, a family judge will enquire and make decisions of the children when a child custody agreement cannot be reached with the parents. During child custody, a family court judge will consider the following factors:

• Child’s preference
• Financial condition of the parents
• Mental and Physical condition of each spouses
• Relationship between each parent and a child
• History of domestic violence, child abuse / drug abuse of each parent

Child Custody Types
In the state of California, there are two types of child custody granted to parents (Legal Custody, Physical Custody). Legal Custody - refers to making important decisions for your child, which includes school, primary physician, extra-curricular activities and more. Physical Custody - refers to the living arrangements of your child and also determines how much time would spend with each parent. In most cases, physical custody will be granted to the parent and the main goal is - a child will spend equal time with each parent.

Parenting Plan
Parenting plan is the important thing when you’re going to apply for a divorce. Both spouses must submit a parenting plan to the family court. Parenting plan contains the following factors:

• Custody arrangements (visitation, summer vacation & holidays, birthdays and more)
• Education plans
• Guidelines for medical care
• Payment details about child support and more

If you’re in Pasadena and looking for a lawyer, then it is best to hire a Pasadena child custody attorney who has certified from the California State bar association. For detailed information about child custody, visit ...

News Release: Avoid Legal Complexities by hiring a Pasadena Child Custody Attorney
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