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Art Is One of the Beautiful Expression, Find Best Art in the World

Those who have visited Bharat Thakur artwork online are sure to be spell bounded for the intensity and powerful spiritual feelings that the paintings arouse in the viewers. Bharat Thakur has taken up art as a medium to express his thoughts and spirituality to the world. His artwork is fresh and touches the heart of the person. He convey his thoughts clearly through his paintings.

However, one should remember that Bharat Thakur is not an artist by choice but it has come to him naturally as a platform to share his feelings with the public through this beautiful media. He doesn’t follow the techniques of any art school but most of the skills that he poses now as an artist have come to him under the guidance of his Guru. He uses his hands and fingers to create modern art paintings on canvas which gives him better control on mixing the desired shades of the colors, choosing the textures and creating the visual wonders that come straight from his soul onto the canvas.

Though most of his art style doesn’t rely on a concrete object or images the paintings still echo a powerful message to the viewers that easily get connected with his idea behind the art work. All his art work mainly add versatility to his paintings and resembles to none of the contemporary artists work in this era. The themes that he chooses for his paintings are also quite unique which revolves around the universal concepts of nature and God that are beautifully and intensely portrayed in his work. The Shivalinga series, memories in grey, celestial vision, Inner universe with wonderful tag lines are all reflections of his inner thoughts that are painted in a meditative state to share the joy of spirituality. The viewers are taken into a world of consciousness to enjoy the sense of mysticism through his work. The Bharat Thakur arts gallery would never disappoint you offering a unique feeling of experiencing the harmony and unity of emotions and vigour of the cosmic energies through his paintings. His skills in painting are not just an overnight inventiveness but he has honed his artistic skills over a period of time to emerge as one of the best painters in the modern era.

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News Release: Art Is One of the Beautiful Expression, Find Best Art in the World
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