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ardonio Cards Set to Change the Way You Shop

And we thought all the while that we have reached the peak of modern life’s perks – except for the futuristic outlook of ordering beer or pizza and having it delivered by a drone to our doorsteps!

Talking of other more engaging shopping, such as buying the latest 60-inch widescreen, flat smart-TV or a made-to-order, queen-sized mahogany bed, one will have to do it either the conventional way, using hard cash or plastic money. But what if you were shopping for a Persian rug during your visit in the Middle East or having dinner on the Eiffel Tower and you want to reserve your remaining hard cash for other travel expenses? That is, you want the convenience of using your Bitcoin or Ether anytime you need it. And in so doing, avoid fees and mark-ups and not having to worry about currency exchange, wherever you might be around the world.

Cardonio solves all these issues and more through their Crypto Credit Card.

Using a Cardonio Card allows you the benefit of purchasing goods at their present prices and banking on the future rise of your BTC or ETH 90 days after in order to effect some gain on your purchase today. You can actually stand to save as much as 10% to 20%, depending on the prevailing rate of increase in cryptocurrency values. If one actively monitors the movement of the values of these currencies, one maximizes the benefit of making essential purchases and putting to good use the savings that you can attain. Ordinarily, your traditional debit and credit card does not have that potential to deliver real savings on your shopping needs.

This alone, among other benefits, will give Cardonio Card holders immense advantage in what some may consider to be a perfunctory and even burdensome task of shopping for essential needs. Try to beat that for stretching your money’s value, if you ...

News Release: ardonio Cards Set to Change the Way You Shop
Submitted on: September 18, 2018 01:26:30 AM
Submitted by: Kawamoto Chikaze
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