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Advantages of Professional Aviation Consulting Services

The aviation industry is quite demanding given the various safety, regulatory and airport specific requirements. In order to maximize efficiency, many organizations seek the advice of an Experienced Airport Management Firm. Additionally, there is a strong appetite for institutional financing of various aspects of airport infrastructure as well as aviation service companies in forms such as asset and retables financing. To ensure the adoption and inclusion of industry wide best practices, many firms hire specialized aviation consultants to review their strategic planning and results.

All Aviation Strategic Development Companies are not same. Many are quite limited and their scopes of work are limited to very narrow client requirements. There are, however, a number of professional aviation consultants who possess a great breadth as well as depth of experience.

Key areas to consider when diligencing Aviation Consulting Services:

1. Proven track records—can you verify the consultant’s success via their clients’ references?

2. Experience—can the consultant document his various roles and responsibilities?

3. Capabilities—is the consultant limited to one disciple or are they available to provide insight across a number of aviation segments?

Numerous aviation management services offer:

1. Strategic Aviation Plans

2. Operational, Competitive and Financial Analysis

3. Business Valuations & Appraisals

4. Merger & Acquisition Advice

5. Business Planning

6. Capital Structuring and Capital Sourcing

7. Turnaround Management

While many firms may offer Aviation Consulting Services, different organizations should carefully consider their own unique requirements and select a management and consulting company which has the specific aviation experience which will meet their needs. A key area to review is to ask for customer references on projects similar to the one being contemplated. Another critical area in which an independent third party consultant can deliver value is the relationships they bring to the client. These relationships can take many business forms—relationships with customers and suppliers are among the most critical and usually a primary focus. Professional aviation consultants can also refer additional professionals in different disciplines who have a deep track record of aviation experience. This can be very valuable to the client in the areas of attorneys, accountants, insurance and banking relationships and more. For example, a consultant who can bring in a team of professionals with aviation experience for due diligence will shorten the time and expense of the engagements because the professionals will not begin at the bottom of the aviation learning curve and should be able to understand the competitive dynamics and business model immediately.

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