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The best way to treat any form of cancer is when it is at its early stage of development. As soon as cancer is detected in an individual, immediate treatment plans must be activated and administered immediately. This is because when cancer enters the advanced stages of development, it is usually harder to treat. Of course, thanks to science (technology) and medicine, advanced metastatic cancer can be treated, it is still better to nip it in the bud before it spreads to other areas of the body.

Cancer that develops in another part of the body, and is somehow connected to primary cancer i.e. the first location where the tumor first sprouted up; it is known as metastatic cancer (or secondary cancer).

Some cancers can be cured, while others may defy all types of treatments. Health professionals also use the terms ‘advanced cancer’ or ‘metastatic cancer’ interchangeably. Advanced Metastatic cancer occurs when cancer has metastasized to other areas of the body, but not all advanced cancers are metastatic. Most cancers that are considered as ‘advanced’ cannot be cured e.g. cancer that develops in the brain. Cancer of the brain may not metastasize to any other part of the body, but it is life-threatening and considered as advanced cancer.

Most advanced metastatic cancer arises after the patient might have undergone cancer treatments, and the treatments are no longer having the desired positive effect. However, despite the fact that there are limited treatment options for advanced metastatic cancer, this does not imply that it cannot be cured, or that there is no hope for you.

Advanced metastatic cancer can mostly be controlled using treatments aimed at slowing the progressive growth or metastasis of cancer. These treatments are applied based on the type and primary location of cancer, its size as well as its secondary location.

Systemic therapy, which is the administering of medication that is given by mouth, or injected into the bloodstream so that cancer cells may be reached wherever they are all over the body, is usually employed for metastatic cancer. Hormone therapy, chemotherapy, etc. are forms of systemic therapy used in the treatment of advanced cancer. Other treatment options that have been used and proven to prolong the life of cancer patients are surgery, radiation therapy, and biological therapy. Sometimes, if the treatment requires it, a combination of these treatments is administered.

If cancer has stopped responding to any form of therapy, that is not the end. Lots of therapies can be applied to ease off the side-effects of cancer treatments, thus prolonging your life.

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