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ActualMap 4.7 Released

ActualMap 4.7 Released

ActualMap is a set of high-performance, .NET mapping components and controls for embedding maps in desktop applications. ActualMap gives you the ability to generate maps, drill-down capability, thematic mapping, routing, editing, vehicle tracking and other features that will make the maps fully interactive.

This release includes the following:

Support for tiled and transparent (RGBA) GeoTIFF raster images
The routing engine now supports turn restrictions
TurnRestrictions class
Route class:
EnableRestrictions property
TransportationMode property
CurrentDate property
TransportationMode enumeration
The DataTableLayer class now supports the Shapefile and WKB spatial data formats

A fully functional evaluation version is available at

VDS Technologies develops mapping software components. Our mapping components are widely used by hundreds of large and medium size companies, including many Fortune 500 corporations.

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