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Acquiring Asset Management Software for Different Industries

Without a doubt 1system is a leading provider of Asset Management and Compliance management solutions integral for the monitoring and maintenance of things of value to an entity or group of industries. 1system is acclaimed as a leader for acquiring asset management software for various different industries. The company provides superior software for asset management that applies to fixed and mobile assets including buildings and its infrastructure, trucks, trailers, excavators, tractors, pumps and more.

Founder of 1system Steve Main is committed to his clients and aims at developing easy to use, smart and cost effective cloud based software. He caters to small and medium businesses with his team of experts. The company is focused at providing business improvement solutions that fit small and medium size businesses. Their endeavor is to develop solutions that are simple and easy to use with interface and the ability to adopt the solutions.

If you are looking for software that suit you rather than buying complex systems with a long list of options that you have paid for but don’t use approach 1system and you are sure to take pride in your abilities to manage assets.

Asset Management Software Australia is relevant for industries involved in mining, quarrying, logistics, marine, transport, buildings and property and more. 1system caters to all the needs of these industries and provides services in a diverse range of ways to ensure that the client’s business is structured, organized and efficient with information at the fingertips.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending 1System to any small to medium sized business that have OHS and or Environmental risks to manage on their site” says Christian Buxton, General Manager, The Sunshine Group. The main focus of 1system as stated at the company website is “To deliver big business solutions, that have been simplified, are easy to use and at a price to suit small and medium businesses.”

About 1System:

1System has a proven risk management, asset management process and integrated business solutions which enable you to take control of what’s important to your business. The company helps run your business efficiently and profitably. takes pride in providing services to diversified sectors and industries including food processing and manufacturing, mining and minerals, light and heavy manufacturing, transport / logistics, hotels and government.


News Release: Acquiring Asset Management Software for Different Industries
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