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Acoustic Enclosures

The use of acoustic enclosures helps to reduce the noise levels from industrial activity.

This might include the noise from fixed plant in factories and outdoor plant on industrial estates.

Any large-scale economic activity may have a negative impact on the natural environment. Manufacturing industries in particular can cause air, water and noise pollution. Industrial pollution can affect the environment in a number of ways:

It may damage the wellbeing of humans and other species. For example, industrial waste can pollute drinking-water supplies or poison plants and animals.

It may interfere with natural processes. For example, industrial waste could change local climatic conditions or destroy wildlife habitats.

It may impact on people's livelihoods. For example, pollution of the sea will affect people who are involved in the fishing and tourism industries.

Some governments have introduced legislation to try to cut down on avoidable pollution and to encourage industries that are more sustainable. These laws need to be enforced by cou ...

News Release: Acoustic Enclosures
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