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A professional manufacturer of gas cylinder

Our core advantages lie in precise processes and communication, carried out by experienced staff, across advanced machinery and equipment. Those features, combined with Germany-based R&D and production in China, enable us to consistently deliver great solutions with minimal lead time.
At CHASINGTEC, we know full well that it is people that make things happen, so we not only choose staff carefully but train them extensively, empower them to “take ownership” in their roles, and give them great resources to create with. These are a direct outgrowth of managerial philosophies we have inherited from both our German predecessor company, and like-minded CHASINGTEC CEO Chang Miaos. Many companies say “we’re a team” or “we’re like one big family,” though that’s usually not the case. That German DNA comes from a long-running and highly successful business in fact – a solid foundation upon which Chang and his team have built CHASINGTEC into what it is today. We’re a well-oiled machine in an atmosphere, and take just as much pride in our work and reputation as any business in the world.
Chang also has recruited a number of well-experienced staffs with similar thinking, who serve as leaders in their own right and actively grow that strong internal culture. Among them are Wang Yineng, who brings 40 years mechanical experience to his role as Consultant and Engineering Director, while Jonny Zhang, Jones Sean and Simon Mou have 30 years, 20 years and 18 years’ experience respectively in their positions as Chief Engineer, Mechanical Manager and QA Manager. In addition, all sales and service is consistently attentive and responsive, ensuring smooth communication and a minimal lead time.
CHASINGTEC knows that you in turn need to consistently deliver value to your customers, and to do that we need to provide value to you. Through knowing both your true needs and those of the end-user we provide you with precise solutions and comprehensive value, month in and month out. While others are thinking “win-win,” we’re thinking “win-win-win.” That’s the difference our clients know us for, and you will too. We warmly welcome your inquiry and RFQ, as we know that will be the start of a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship. Welc ...

News Release: A professional manufacturer of gas cylinder
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