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A “Gathering Storm” Approaches In The Distance; One That Soon None Will be Able To Ignore!

Oswego, NY (Oct. 10, 2017)

While some folks sit around complaining & worrying about the future, the band “Gathering Storm” has chosen to follow a musical path, guided by thousands of years of historical sign-posts along the way, to successfully navigate humanities time-line towards our best possible options.

“Gathering Storm” is excited to announce the release of their first album: "Chapter One: The Calm Before The Storm." (

It’s a sincerely heart-felt, well-produced & controversially provocative blend of Rock, Country, Folk & Pop music that serves as a clarion call to “WAKE UP;” as our own great nation and our beloved family of humanity; spread all across the planet, fast approaches this most pivotal time of uncertainty & calamity ever experienced in the history of man!

The songs focus on our commonly held priorities, concerns and fears, as society sadly sinks & submerges into the devastating depths of divisive darkness. Their Single “One Nation” is already grabbing the public’s attention with its accompanying video:

“This music can touch hearts & souls deep inside that secret place where dreams are born” says Singer-Songwriter Mike Phillips, “stirring us back to life & speaking to our core from the edge of a distant, approaching heaven.”

Surrounded by the very “best of the best” in the studio, from the musicians to the sound techs and featuring some truly excellent vocalists, the CD has been skillfully crafted to rouse the listeners from their slumber with a wide variety of styles & genres ranging from very catchy, foot tappin' love songs, to some truly progressive, eclectically contemplative rock jams.

It's patriotic and prophetic, uplifting and encouraging as it directly & honestly speaks from the gut & seeks to shine a bright light of hope for a lost and searching generation that is now on the very edge of the coming Storm & yes, Chapter Two is fast approaching! # ...

News Release: A “Gathering Storm” Approaches In The Distance; One That Soon None Will be Able To Ignore!
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