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5 ways to relieve back pain: Tips from neurologists

Since our backs support most of our body’s weight, experiencing back pain can not only be detrimental to our health but our everyday activities as well. No matter how severe back pain is, treating it and finding ways to relieve it is important. If you are in Arizona and currently experiencing back pain, looking for a top neurologist in AZ or neurologist doctors in Arizona might be the best thing you can do. But before that, it helps to know the following five ways a top Arizona neurologist would suggest to relieve back pain:

1. Pain reliever

If you are only experiencing minor aches in your back from either an injury or strain, then the first thing a top neurologist in AZ would suggest is to take pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil). In any case, try contacting your neurologist in AZ for a proper prescription.

2. Yoga

Another tip recommended by neurologist doctors in Arizona is doing yoga. Weekly practice could help ease and prevent chronic back pain. This is mainly true for its ability to correct posture with proper breathing techniques and meditation.

3. Avoid lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects could strain your back. While it is true that lifting weights during exercises could improve muscle strength, lifting too much could be harmful especially if you’re experiencing back pain already. A top Arizona neurologist, as well as other neurologist doctors in Arizona, would not recommend you doing this; instead, they would probably tell you to exercise to improve your form.

4. Therapy

People with back pain suffer more from it by being anxious and depressed about it. To overcome this, a top Arizona neurologist will tell you to engage in talk therapy. This helps reframe your mind about the pain.

5. Be active

Staying still for long periods of time could make your muscles weak and prone to injury. While resting is important, make sure not to overdo it. Practice moving around from time to time and be more active.

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