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4FastPlumber Provides D.I.Y. Toilet Installation Instructions

4FastPlumber, a local Virginia plumbing company serving a wide swath of territory in northern Virginia, has provided information to the public on do-it-yourself toilet installation. The process of toilet installation is described by 4FastPlumber in a posting to their blog, which they maintain online on their website.

The plumbing company begins the blog post by outlining the potential reasons why it might be beneficial for an individual to install a toilet themselves, without hiring a plumbing professional. The first prerequisite for such a decision, according to the posting, is being handy and having some general experience with similar do-it-yourself home projects. If this is the case, 4FastPlumber indicates that installing a toilet yourself without the help of a professional may be an effective way of saving time and money. According to the information, there are other small plumbing maintenance and repair tasks, in addition to toilet installation, that may be done without a professional to save time and/or money.

The first step in the toilet installation process as outlined in 4FastPlumber’s blog post is the removal of the old toilet. This step is actually comprised of several smaller steps, each of which is described in detail on the website. The toilet removal process begins with shutting off the water supply and then involves removing the lid, draining the tank, removing the cap and nuts from the base, removing the toilet itself and then placing a rag into the drain opening in order to prevent the entry of sewer gas fumes.

The new toilet installation process is discussed next. This process begins, according to 4FastPlumber, by installing new bolts and a new seal. The installation then involves attaching the new tank to the new bowl, putting in and tightening the tank bolts, setting the tank and bowl onto the new seal, tightening everything up and then connecting the new supply tube to the new toilet tank. After this, the seat may be attached and the toilet is ready to use.

For potential readers of the blog posting who do not feel capable of executing such a process themselves, the company recommends hiring a plumbing professional.  Details about services they provide can be found at

4FastPlumber is a family-run plumbing business with more than 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry. They employ licensed master plumbers and licensed master gas fitters, designations that ensure these employees have thousands of hours of study and experience. For a full listing of the areas they service or for more information on their ability to complete a specific plumbing project, interested parties may contact the plumbing company using the contact information below.

4Fast Plumber LLC
Address: 6309 7th St, Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone: 571-424-1279
Website: http://www.fastplumber ...

News Release: 4FastPlumber Provides D.I.Y. Toilet Installation Instructions
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